Looking For Best Learner Driver Car Insurance? (First Time Drivers)

Learners car insurance can be pretty expensive since most learners have never driven a car before and are natural road risks when only starting out. There are lots of companies offering insurance designed for learners, from household names to smaller specialists – but spool back a decade or so, and this type of cover virtually didn’t exist. The cost of car insurance for young drivers can vary enormously because it is based on factors such as the age and driving experience of the young driver, the model and insurance group of the car being insured, and your postcode.

We’ve reviewed independent expert sources to come up with candidates for the accolade Best Young Drivers Insurance 2019. They are as follows:

  • Direct Line – Drive Plus
  • Ingenie – Car Insurance
  • Churchill Car Insurance – DriveSure
  • Co-op – Young Driver Insurance
  • Marmalade – New Driver Insurance
  • Tesco Bank – Box Insurance
  • Admiral – LittleBox
  • Bell Insurance – Plug and Drive
  • RAC – Black Box Car Insurance
  • Coverbox – Car Insurance
  • Wise Driving – Intelligent Car Insurance
  • Hastings Direct – Smart Miles
  • Insure The Box – Private Car

The best place to find quotes for learners car insurance is on the Internet. Comparison sites allow you to search through a host of insurers to find the best deal but all comparison sites cover slightly different providers, so it pays to try them all. If you can share your car with an experienced driver, you could reduce the cost of your premium by adding them to your policy. The insurance provider takes both drivers’ information into consideration and creates a price based on each of you sharing the car. Once you’ve got your overall cheapest price, get on the phone and try to haggle as your renewal is a starting point. There’s often massive price flexibility, but be fully armed with the screen scrapers’ cheapest quotes and any available cashback first.

Learner insurance is designed to sit alongside the existing insurance on the car that the young person will be practising in. Typically, it provides fully comprehensive cover when the learner driver is behind the wheel and also during their driving test if they intend to use the same car. Budget? Learning to drive is a costly investment. It will set you up with a lifelong skill. But it’s easy to blow your budget when you start to factor in all the individual costs involved.

However, there were many more companies that we could have tried and a variety of options in terms of how long you can buy cover for, so the best thing is to sit down and give several of the websites a spin, or call up a few of the specialist firms.